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Area rug cleaning is a service that takes many years of experience and a vast knowledge of rugs and fiber types. Therefore, in many rug cleaning services you will find your rug turning brown in some areas, bad odor comes out of the rug, and fast deterioration of the fibers. Therefore, when performing a rug cleaning service the technicians has to be an experts in all rug types and understand the details and requirements of the job. With over 15 years of rug cleaning on all types of rugs we are proud to present our rug cleaning service solution for your needs. We know how to pair the right product and PH level of product to the specifications of your area rug. Here are a few rug types with necessary information.

  • Wool Rug
  • Wool rug are among the highest demand for rug cleaning. As wool is very durable, while also the wool rug creates a fancy and cozy atmosphere in a room, we are called very often to clean different types of wool rugs. While wool rugs are more sensitive than regular carpet, the right amount of PH should be applied in order to clean the rug and allow the colors of it to become more vibrant.

  • Silk Rug
  • Silk rug cleaning must be the most difficult of all. The combination of the specific patterns of the silk fibers and how gentle they are makes cleaning the silk rug very difficult. It is also important to use the right products on it so it does not get discolored, or causing the color to smear.

  • Synthetic Rug

Synthetic rug cleaning might be the most common rug cleaning service and very similar to product use to regular carpet cleaning. However, synthetic rugs are made more dense than carpet. Therefore, knowing how to apply the product correctly so all fibers get treated is key. Also, the right extraction is necessary so the rug does not stay wet for too long.

Each rug has its own unique demands for the best rug cleaning results.

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