Pet Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning in Irvine.

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June 29, 2022
pet stain removal carpet cleaning in irvine

5 Star Pet Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, California.

We would like to take this opportunity and elaborate a bit more about our pet stain removal carpet cleaning in Irvine. Moreover, we will take a recent pet stain removal job we performed in order to explained a couple of key points when performing pet stain removal carpet cleaning.

As you can see in the photo attached here, the pet stain occurred right next to the bed and on the carpet. However, as you can also tell, the pet stain also stained part of the wool rug that is placed under the bed, and that makes the service that much more complicated.

As synthetic fiber is much stronger and resistant than wool fiber, being able to properly treat and remove the pet stain from both the carpet and the rug is very difficult. In addition, not only that you need special products with expert application, but also the use of the equipment needs to be adjusted. Wool rugs do not like extreme heat and strong suction. Therefore, proper adjustments are needed, however, in order to know how to properly approach a job like that, years of experience are needed.

The Issues in Removing pet stains off a carpet.

As most carpet cleaners use deodorizers in order to mask the bad odor for a few day, this is not a solution for pet stain removal carpet cleaning. In order to rid of the odor, you must apply an anti microbial in order to eliminate the actual cause of the odor. Nevertheless, most anti microbial solutions could potentially dye you carpet and therefore stain it for good.

However, after many years of pet stain removal carpet cleaning experience, we have the correct products to use in various of jobs. Not every job is similar to another, and we understand it is up to us to know how to adjust in order to reach best results.

For more information about our pet stain removal carpet cleaning in Irvine, California, please contact Steam Pros Carpet Cleaning Irvine.

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